Diary of an Arsenal Fan: In Wenger, we trust.

I’m an Arsenal fan. Yes, there have been no trophies since the FA Cup of 2005. Yes, if Cesc goes, we’re looking at another year of nothing. But that does not phase me.

Lately, Arsene Wenger is the kind of man that you either love or hate. If you troll the blogs, you know many fans are ready to bid him a brisk “adieu”. But I think this is not fair. Check out this article published on the official club site where he is quoted as saying “We are not here to make the money. We are here to keep our best players. We have managed the Club to be in a position to say ‘no’. For any money. We have that potential to do it because we are in a healthy financial situation.”

Also, see the latest Financial statement where Peter Hill-Wood says “I also want you to know that we are proud of the fact we continue to compete at the highest level while staying true to our principles. We continue to operate as a self-funding Club.” Bottom line: it’s all about the money. Even with unbelievably poor performances last season like the 4-4 against Newcastle (let us never speak of it again) and the debacle that was the Carling final (seriously, let us never speak of it again), and the fact only Van Persie was among the top 20 scorers for the season… we still managed 4th place.

So everyone thinks we need to bust the bank and throw money behind a bunch of stars. Ain’t gonna happen. And getting rid of Wenger won’t change that, since the upper management are probably even more cognizant of the fact Gunners are a “self-funding club”.

What’s the next step then? The illustrious winners, MU, have 3 persons in the top 20 scorers of the season and 3 persons on the top 20 assists lists; 5 different persons in all. We’ve got 3 persons in these lists, in third and fourth positions. MU gained 44 goals from the top 20 scorers and 37 top 20 assists. Arsenal had 18 and 25 respectively. Mind you, RvP didn’t play most of the season either, and I honestly believe if he did he would have been the league’s top scorer. All that to say, we need depth in the team. And we really need another striker of RvP’s calibre. Or even 80% of his calibre. Not being too picky at this point. However, the important thing is getting the best value for dollars, and players who can grow.

Another post to come on who’s coming and going, and who really should have been gone a couple seasons ago… yes, I’m glad Almunia is going.


My Inner Gamer Says Hello… when I should be sleeping =/

When I was a wee lass (and teenager), I was obsessed with games. My summer vacations were 2 solid months of gaming. Street Fighter (Chun Li wins!) or Mortal Kombat (Raiden or Sub-zero) or Tekken (which I could barely remember, oddly) were the usual fare and challenging the nearest person with coins was a chance to shine. In those days, I had not yet discovered computer games. When I stumbled upon Duke Nukum though, I never looked back.

hardly an age-appropriate game, now that I look back on it

Long gone were the many, many, many requests for coin money. Enter: scouring the hard drive for disposable programs and documents so I could build my game empire. Back then, I was all about Duke. And Heretic. And Doom. Gee, that makes me sound dark huh?

But there was also an awesome Mario Brothers game I downloaded from some little hole-in-the-wall website. It had no start-up page with the familiar “start/options/help”. When you clicked it, you were in the first level. If you pressed F1, you got nothing. To exit you had to press ESC. I had to learn the controls by trial and error. There were 2 things that were awesome about it, though. 1: the sound effects and game itself were just like the original game. 2: it was 66KB. Yes. 66KB.

The true gamers among you are asking “Can we get this game also?!” I regret to inform you that little diamond in the rough was lost in one of many times some virus got hold of the hard drive back then. And the random website, you ask? No where to be found… C’est la vie.

So when a friend gives me a link for a game now, I always tell myself it’s not like I could revert to those late nights and obsessive cheat-code hunting days. Think again. It’s called Angry Birds.

Most recent game I played: Nexus Contraptions

And before that, I just had to win: Sissy’s Magical Ponycorn Adventure (yes I will play anything 🙂 but I bet you will be charmed by the general cuteness of it)

What have you been playing?


Hello world!

Starting something new is always a challenge. There are always questions like “why would anyone care about what I have to say?” or “can I really keep this up?” or “is this important/ funny/ interesting/ noteworthy?” If I stopped to speculate on all of these, I would have never started!

I’m excited to jump right in, and looking forward to sharing thoughts, reading feedback and getting better perspectives along the way. Throw in a good few laughs there too =)

So fingers crossed that I don’t fall victim to writer’s block!

as good as any dictionary's definition, I reckon

should be fun,