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I Want a Muse

Finding something we’re passionate about is a lot harder than you’d think.

It seems simple enough. Find something you enjoy, or think about a lot. But by definition, passion is “an intense desire or enthusiasm for something.” Enthusiasm suggests motivation to action. And that, I think, is the difference between things we casually enjoy and things we are passionate about.

I’ve started a beginner photography course, and I must say I’m really excited.

Look out for some shots =)

Meanwhile, I’ve been looking at Kristen Stewart’s W Magazine photo shoot.

Seriously… I want a muse.

(Fashion pause: the winged eye is one of my favourite looks. And this one looks like a liquid liner with brown eyeshadow over it to kill the harsh lines and add some oh-la-la. I’m looking for an event I can debut this without seeming over-done)

What’s great about Kristen’s shot here? Those blue eyes and that red adornment on her top. And the lighting. Perfect. The picture seems to be exposed in an unusual way, which seems like something worth trying to achieve. Also, I like that the picture portrays Ms. Stewart in a way that she likes to portray herself, i.e. free.

You know, I started making a list of requirements for my muse here but I might as well just start posting pictures of Will Smith or Ryan Reynolds lol. More seriously though, I do have a muse in mind… let’s see how this one pans out =)


It’s Too Early to Slack Off…

OK… it’s been a while. I feel badly. Let me make it up with something delightfully gorgeous.

I’m a huge Versace fan. It’s the perfect blend of feminine, beautiful and you-will-look-at-me-until-I-leave gorgeousness.

Currently loving:

you know you are staring, but you cannot look away

Not my favourite ad campaign from them at all, but this shot is definitely something exceptional. Not to mention I would love to get my hands on that bag (note the recurring floral motif seen in the collection) and those shoes!

The Main Collection may be a bit more “out there” than usual (just a bit), but some favourites to be found for sure:

Cute dress, but look how she holds the bag. Interesting

there is something about this that I like very very much.


Dear Wojciech Szczęsny, Trust your wall.

Hello Arsenal fan, and a pleasant greeting to all naysayers.

It has been an interesting season start thus far. And by interesting I mean painful in the way a root canal without anaesthesia might be. Or maybe like iron filings in your eye. Put it in your list of experiences you want to scrub free from your mind.

We drew Newcastle (try not to think about the 4-all draw last season when you read that), took 2 in the Emirates from the Kops, and you know how that game in Old Trafford went last Sunday. If you’re like me, you’ve been trolling the blogs licking up every signing and rumor of signings.

The most sober reads on the Sunday’s match for me have been Arseblog’s stuff. Check out (I so envy Tim’s Italian travails) and What can I say about the visit to MU that these guys haven’t aptly said?

One. Wojciech Szczęsny, trust your wall. Please. I beg you. When your wall is covering the right side of the goal… you should concentrate on the left side. It’s simple really. This is indicative of a deeper issue within the team. The guys aren’t trusting each other to do their jobs. Which is understandable, because it’s like taking a bunch of engineers fresh out of Grad school and signing them up to pilot a rocket. You know they are smart and capable, but the question is would you trust a bunch of newbies with a $38 billion-dollar craft? The answer is no. Let’s say there were guys like Vieira and Pires in the wall. You know where Szczęsny would have been? On the left side. That’s going to be hard to inculcate.

Two. You know how people think of ManU and Sir Alex Fergurson as one and the same? It’s the same for me with AFC and Wenger. I cannot imagine another coach for the team. Nor am I interested in imagining that day. Yes, somewhere someone is saying this is ridiculous and other less- palatable words. But it feels like the current issue is more of the board liking to count 90 million in the bank more than Wenger has lost the plot. Granted, I think he lost the plot a bit. Let’s say, a couple chapters in the middle. Because last season (like any good skim reader) the guys looked out of sorts at times but occasionally deduced the storyline enough to grind out an end result (read: draw). On the other hand, the board’s penchant for money-counting means Wenger has to be a most excellent, creative writer for us to win anything, or look respectable. So I say, make the last few hours count, let’s see how the Swansea game goes, then talk about Wenger’s capabilities.

Three. My greatest grouse last season was not that we did not win BPL. Nor was it the Carling Final (although, honestly, this is a pretty close second). It was the fact that Chelsea finished above us. Chelsea, you know. Steups. That’s not going to cut it this season at all.

I’m glad we got this drubbing now, and not mid season. This way we can begin the “difficult” task of spending profits on players. And avoid the embarrassing slum that was the latter half of last season after the Carling fiasco. So as not to completely depress you Gooners out there, I offer you this throwback and suggest you get a tissue handy. Seeing Titi and Bergkamp in 03/04 may make you emotional 🙂

The Invincibles 03/04

Goals 03/04 – Loving someone’s comment on this one: “They should make an Arsenal Invincibles team on FIFA put them next to the Classic and World 11


Say What?

Ever noticed that you could spend rather exorbitant amounts of time chatting online? Saying everything on your mind and exploring the grit under that stone in your heart. Yes. Given enough time and right person, we’d say anything… As long as we don’t have to look them in the eye when we do it.

Is this ok, though? John Mayer (hyper link to his song Say) may have been on to something, but how much of what needs to be said is said the way it should be said?

Somehow, communication without non-verbal cues is less fulfilling to me. And needless to say, it leaves a rather large gap for misinterpretations to play.

New Project: say the important things face to face. Have no fear.