It’s only Graffiti when you don’t appreciate it…

…or it’s illegal.

Back in Form 6, my General Paper class had a group project to do on anything in “the Arts”. When you give a bunch of 16 and 17 year-olds creative freedom, you’re bound to get something like a project on Graffiti. This was the introduction I got to the artist known as Banksy. An elusive figure, he’s racked up quite the portfolio ranging from thought-provokers, a symbolic shaking fist against “the man”, and (what I conclude to be) boredom expressed by an artistic mind.
What I’ve learned from Banksy is this: pause a moment and ask the question, “why?”. And this is a valuable lesson to learn at 16. There may be a few naysayers left who challenge the suggestion that graffiti is art. Art may tell a story, it always makes you feel something, and tells you about the work’s creator. In other words, art is everywhere we look.

I nicked some photos of his work from his official website and this rather excellent article.


You know how it is. It’s the first day of a new year and you feel like it’s time to put your procrastinating ways behind you once and for all. You should say something meaningful, deep, and insightful. After all, you have a blog, and maybe some people read it. And you shouldn’t disappoint them. Or make them question why they follow you. Maybe you should actually post something, for a change.

I’d love to report (after a grand total of 21 or so hours in the shiny new year) that I’ve had an epiphany. That I’ve upgraded to Summer 2.0 in the twinkling of an eye amidst a sprinkling of pixie dust. Well, let me tell you… it’s 2011’s habits in 2012 on this end. I presently have 4 unacknowledged “Happy New Years” messages from persons I actually enjoy. Why haven’t I replied, you ask? Because I am a ridiculous procrastinator. I also have another text message about some pictures I was supposed to send someone since July. You guessed it, I haven’t replied to that one either. Then there’s that email from a friend checking in that I started to reply to, but is truthfully dying in the “Drafts” graveyard.

In Trinidad, we call the last day of the year Ole Years. The common conversation starter (much to my chagrin) was “What you doin for Ole Years?” My refrain was “I’ve got a date with my bed.” I wasn’t joking. I’m thinking that we all expect too much from watching the ball drop in NYC or from watching the fireworks light up the sky on Ole Years night. It’s like our subconsciouses really want to believe that our problems and struggles are dropping out our lives with that ball. Or *poof*, disappears with the firecrackin’ smoke. Not so much.

Get on with it

Change... you will like it eventually

Maybe we keep saying Ole Years in the hope of finally leaving the old baggage in the past year. But the truth is the majority of change in our lives is incremental. And I’m talking about change in areas like letting your word be your bond, and being more patient, and being prompt as a rule rather than an exception. (Reading that, I sound like I’m a few points shy of being a  miscreant of sorts…)

So am I getting older, but not better? I can honestly say that I have seen improvement in these areas over the years. The phrase “I’ve come a long way”, covers it nicely. Yet, when you can count procrastination in your repertoire you know you should avoid resting on your laurels for more than a nanosecond. This is because, as these albatrosses-of-old are being whittled down to mot-mot size, we keep finding new issues to tackle. Case in point, you would not like to dine with me in a restaurant. I will take forever to choose something. That’s a promise. It’s also fairly recent, as far as things on my “Flaws to Fix” list go. I’m pretty sure I was loads more decisive maybe 2 years ago. Or maybe that was my imagination.

This year, I want to embrace the process. Maybe on May 25th I will conquer this pesky lack of promptness. And that’s OK. Just because it didn’t happen on January 1st, doesn’t mean it will never happen at all. What’s important is that you know you’re a work in progress.

HNY =)

Public Service Announcement: January 1st is not a magical day.