A great reminder to truly build a relationship that caters to both parties involved. What’s under your “relationship roof”?

A Big Life

One thing people feel they have free rein to constantly comment on, is what language I speak in my home and to my partner. The most common refrain is, ‘You are in Germany, you should speak German to each other’ and other variations on the theme. Frankly, I tend to feel telling me what language to speak to my partner is like me telling you how often you should be having sex with yours. It isn’t any of my business and it is entirely up to you two. But that is by the by. This isn’t about what pisses me off, but instead about a little theory I have regarding bilingual relationships.

Obviously, I speak English. I came to Germany with three words of German (and one of them was ‘hallo’ under my belt) and have spent the past eighteen months simultaneously teaching English, writing in English and learning a…

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Lifehouse is Amazing

I was in a fairly gloomy mood a couple nights ago so I turned to Lifehouse for a little pick-me-up. For the Jason Ward fans among us, you may know that the band started off as Blyss and later changed to Lifehouse when they signed with DreamWorks Records. Of course, every decent band starts off in a garage, with a dream and a trap set. It’s one of these songs of olde that I happened upon, the innocuously-named “May”. I’d been playing everything Youtube suggested on the right, until May was left. This is also known as “saving the best for last”. 🙂

The lyrics are raw, and the post-production is unpolished and imperfect, and utterly beautiful.

Sadly, I could not find this song (coughtorrentscough) anywhere on the internet. I felt like Google failed me. Then I remembered I knew how to rip songs from Youtube videos. Listen out for the violins (?) around 3:50. Spread the music.


Point and Shoot

It’s definitely been a while…

I’ve been up to all sorts of things. The most fun of which has got to be having fun with my new camera.

Guide to Glory

Guide to Glory

The Nikon D5100 is the sort of camera that (amateur) photographers’ dreams are made of. I could still remember those late nights trolling Amazon, gazing at every available bundle, and converting the USD to TTD (and feeling broke). However! Things have changed dramatically. I’ve got my camera, been reading Nikon D5100: From Snapshots to Great Shots by Rob Sylvan, and generally behaving worse than a broke paparazza. The broke feeling is still quite real. But, every dream has a price.

It’s definitely been the most rewarding purchase I’ve ever made. Fortunately, there has been a bridal shower, a lovely wedding and a couple outdoorsy dates since I got it. So fun has been had. Not the kind of fun that Jay Patel has, though, but hopefully one day.

Point. Shoot. Live.