Point and Shoot

It’s definitely been a while…

I’ve been up to all sorts of things. The most fun of which has got to be having fun with my new camera.

Guide to Glory

Guide to Glory

The Nikon D5100 is the sort of camera that (amateur) photographers’ dreams are made of. I could still remember those late nights trolling Amazon, gazing at every available bundle, and converting the USD to TTD (and feeling broke). However! Things have changed dramatically. I’ve got my camera, been reading Nikon D5100: From Snapshots to Great Shots by Rob Sylvan, and generally behaving worse than a broke paparazza. The broke feeling is still quite real. But, every dream has a price.

It’s definitely been the most rewarding purchase I’ve ever made. Fortunately, there has been a bridal shower, a lovely wedding and a couple outdoorsy dates since I got it. So fun has been had. Not the kind of fun that Jay Patel has, though, but hopefully one day.

Point. Shoot. Live.


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