Lifehouse is Amazing

I was in a fairly gloomy mood a couple nights ago so I turned to Lifehouse for a little pick-me-up. For the Jason Ward fans among us, you may know that the band started off as Blyss and later changed to Lifehouse when they signed with DreamWorks Records. Of course, every decent band starts off in a garage, with a dream and a trap set. It’s one of these songs of olde that I happened upon, the innocuously-named “May”. I’d been playing everything Youtube suggested on the right, until May was left. This is also known as “saving the best for last”. 🙂

The lyrics are raw, and the post-production is unpolished and imperfect, and utterly beautiful.

Sadly, I could not find this song (coughtorrentscough) anywhere on the internet. I felt like Google failed me. Then I remembered I knew how to rip songs from Youtube videos. Listen out for the violins (?) around 3:50. Spread the music.

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Rumour Has It Today is Friday

Today, productivity is at an all time low in work. Not much to do, and a decent internet connection. You know what I’ve been doing… that’s right, YouTube videos galore!

Came across this gem today, Glee’s Rumour Has It/ Someone Like You performance. Golden.

This is so good, you almost think Adele should have done this song herself.

Happy Friday =)