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I Want a Muse

Finding something we’re passionate about is a lot harder than you’d think.

It seems simple enough. Find something you enjoy, or think about a lot. But by definition, passion is “an intense desire or enthusiasm for something.” Enthusiasm suggests motivation to action. And that, I think, is the difference between things we casually enjoy and things we are passionate about.

I’ve started a beginner photography course, and I must say I’m really excited.

Look out for some shots =)

Meanwhile, I’ve been looking at Kristen Stewart’s W Magazine photo shoot.

Seriously… I want a muse.

(Fashion pause: the winged eye is one of my favourite looks. And this one looks like a liquid liner with brown eyeshadow over it to kill the harsh lines and add some oh-la-la. I’m looking for an event I can debut this without seeming over-done)

What’s great about Kristen’s shot here? Those blue eyes and that red adornment on her top. And the lighting. Perfect. The picture seems to be exposed in an unusual way, which seems like something worth trying to achieve. Also, I like that the picture portrays Ms. Stewart in a way that she likes to portray herself, i.e. free.

You know, I started making a list of requirements for my muse here but I might as well just start posting pictures of Will Smith or Ryan Reynolds lol. More seriously though, I do have a muse in mind… let’s see how this one pans out =)